Benefits of a College Degree

The value of a higher education is undeniable. Earning your university degree can increase your earning potential, improve your job prospects, and set you up for a more secure future. In fact, 86 percent of university graduates find their university education worth the money they put into it.
According to the researches, bachelor’s degree holders earn 67 percent more on average than those with only a diploma. A recent study found that bachelor’s degree holders are likely to earn $1 million more over the course of a lifetime than their peers who have only completed high school. Using those calculations, it is estimated that the value of a university degree is $970,000.
A university degree provides job security too. The unemployment rate for workers with bachelor’s degrees is almost 50 percent lower than those with a diploma, according to researches. During the more recent recession, the population that suffered the greatest job loss was that group with no postsecondary education. The group that was impacted the least: college graduates.

University graduates experience benefits of their education far into the future. According to academic researches, bachelor’s degree holders are more likely to have health insurance, contribute to a retirement plan, and rely less on government assistance. University graduates also have a greater impact on society through volunteerism and philanthropic contributions.